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getting back up after unfrolickingbelievable loss

reframing trauma

Sleeping soundly: that was years ago.  That PTSD plays the old movies all the time.  You’ve been down so long and so thoroughly deflated that  Hurtin-Broken-Forgotten-Frozen-Angry  is your middle name. You would like to be able to reinvent yourself, but you feel resentment and anger and isolation and despair where possibility and goals and overcoming obstacles with confidence or a child-like faith and optimism used to befriend you near a glistening, cool waterfall in your fecund imagination.

Your health changes in this isolation. Alone like this, when perhaps you nurtured others, how to take care of yourself? When your friends turn out to be fair-weather friends in your only time, ever, of needing a touchstone? Maybe you were their champion forever, in your silent or fun-loving ways, in your generosity. . . and now you feel shamed, cast aspersion upon?  Or, on the other hand, maybe you do not…

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