it was so much easier to just tell a graphic designer what i want: a b/w reverse, cochin and american typewrite font, and more articulation of my photos like on my OLD mac

getting back up after unfrolickingbelievable loss do i have to become a renaissance woman, again, at 60? I think i need new rose-tinted specs20160817_102832and I’m thinking, make a hairpiece that’s green grass with little happy cows and happy chickens on it for vegans on halloween, but really any day they want to make a statement. Let’s see we can put chocolate almond milk, chocolate coconut milk, and chocolate rice milk cartons near the happy cows who can nurse their own babies, feed them vanilla ice cream cones,  and not have to eat so ravenously that steam is coming out their nostrils and they look depraved near the dairy, and run away from me horrified for some reason the dairy keeps secret. . .before the big truck with a tanker takes all the liquid they produce for their young who never get it, leaving them dehydrated sore bloody oh my getting off dairy going vegan i’m too heavy anyway and it’s something new. . .i still need the rose-tinted lenses

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